Metal Finish

What is B-STOCK

B-Stock or what we call “Almost Perfects” are brand new 200 Series capos (current generation) that have passed every mechanical test and have a perfect inlay installed in them and come with the same mechanical warranty as our other capos.  However, they failed our final Quality Control inspection process due to a small blemish or minor scratch on the metal finish: b stock bstock b st b grade bgrade seconds


Celtic Etching

We have a few B-Stock capos that have celtic etching on the black chrome finish.  This is normally a custom shop upgrade that costs an additional $25 USD fee.    

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jakub H.
New capos

Very good. I bought two for myself and one as a gift (two chrome/abalone and one chrome/moon phases MOP).
Satisfaction of both owners. Simple operation, good tuning without the need for fine-tuning.
Very nice to look.
The only disadvantage is the long delivery time to the Czech Republic (I waited three months; for the next time, I would choose a different method of delivery than the postal service.), but now I’m glad and satisfied.
Thank you and good luck.

Howling at the Moons

Bought this "B-Stock" Phases of the Moon capo for my main squeeze Ernie Ball Majesty Petrucci Signature "Steakhouse" guitar. Although the "steakhouse" color is actually a rich very deep blue, the ebony background of the is capo goes perfectly with it.
btw, if there's a reason for the "B-stock" designation for this capo, I certainly can't find it.
Great capo, great guitar - great combo!

Bryan T.
Save the Bees Deluxe Capo

Wow fits perfectly on my Les Paul signature and looks so so good. Had questions about the custom neck and how it would fit the changing contour up the fretboard and they answered me in seconds. Almost like they were waiting with all the answers. Best capo I own ,have owned or have ever even tried. Genius really.

William C.
If they weren't so honest, you'd never know

I gave myself a chuckle when starting this review. I had to look up my order history to remember which capos were B-stock. I can attest that they’re essentially indistinguishable from A-stock. Then I hesitated because I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag that people either can’t tell or don’t mind the so-called defects (shh… be vewy, vewy quiet).

From the photos I posted, I’ll leave it to you to decide which 2 of the 4 capos are B-stock. From those, you’ll see why I had to look it up myself.

Despite the miniscule faux pas, Chris Bradley and his merry band of product developers exhibit their integrity and ethical standard by telling you up front that it’s not perfect, then discount accordingly. Now that’s transparency. How many others would just sell it to you full price anyway and wait to see if you register a return. Again, for these you wouldn’t have returned because you need a micrometer to tell something’s not right. I included a shot of one I got from another company. Even their A-stock is a LONG way from Thalia products.

The build quality on these B-stock items is superb. After using them myself, I don’t think twice about it anymore. In fact, I seek them out when I am looking for something new. You can see I use them on my $1,100 Schecter, $2,000 Zager, and $250 Orangewood guitars. These capos are pieces of artwork and incredibly functional and durable, too. Oh yeah, even B-stock has a lifetime warranty. Who else offers that on any of their products, and who else gives you 14 fret pads with each capo? No-brainer; buy without hesitancy.

If you’re like me, maybe your artistic guitar expression is rather messy, like, say, Van Gough, versus majestically beautiful, like Michelangelo. That’s OK, you’re still an artist but you’ll be stylin’ while you’re creating that mess with Thalia B-stock capos.

Alan A.
What an awesome gift!

My son gave me the capo on the left in KOA as a gift . . . what an OUTSTANDING capo. Perfect for what it was designed to do and impeccable workmanship . . . I'm very impressed. Thank You Thalia Co.! I was so happy with it, i gifted him back with the Thalia Celtic Pattern in Gold . . . its got the WOW factor going on . . . Love 'em. Highly recommended gifts for your guitar playing pals!!