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Black Chrome/ Indian Rosewood Capo

As beautiful as it is functional. Great intonation and easy to use. I'm sure I'll buy another at some point.

Outstanding Performance and Looks

Didn't think I could find a capo that didn't require me to re-tune after applying. And one that gets me compliments on its looks as well. Well worth it.

Beautiful artwork

I have purchased several capos from the Thalia Folks but the Lucky Dragon capo I got has to be my favorite. These pieces of equipment are gorgeous and function perfectly! Thank you folks

Very nice pick guard!

The Taylor Academy 12 does not come with a pick guard but I wanted one. I looked all over and the black and red faux tortoise are available but I just thought this might bling up a rather understated guitar.

It looks great and matches the copifera headstock veneer better than anything out there, and the quilted Pommele Sapele is deep and rich. I like it!

Koa Nouveau Capo and Stap with Oversized Tailpiece

I got a Bent Twig custom acoustic guitar in late August and had to get a strap and capo for it. I got the strap with the oversized tailpiece. The strap is beautiful and the tailpiece works perfectly with this medium jumbo and LR Baggs Anthem pickup. The capo is the limited edition 24K Gold Koa Nouveau. Both the strap and the capo live up to the quality and beauty I have come to expect from Thalia (this is my fourth capo and second strap). Many thanks to Chris, Thalia, and the team for another great experience.

Guild covers

These truss rod covers turned out better than expected. Compared to the cheap plastic covers that came with the guitars. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the guitar's headstock. They add a touch of class to some beautiful instruments.

Capo Gift Box (includes gift bag)

I ordered my first capo from Thalia, a beautiful Blue Abalone capo and decided that as it had to be delivered to South Africa, why not pay a bit extra and include a gift box and bag. It really was a wonderful gift and a great way to enhance an already great product. It is the small things that count in life and Thali walks the extra mile! This is the ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Mother of Pearl capo

The Mother of Pearl capo works great and is a beautiful piece of art too! The workmanship from Thalia is very evident in everything they do.

Winging it

While I love Thalia capos in general. They have a nice style, ease of function, and versatility with the pad system. But the different inlays, like my new Tennessee Wiskey Wing, add an extra beauty to these capos. I match mine to my guitars. So I guess I need a couple more, lol.

Just the job!!

Luckily although I'm certainly no great shakes as a guitarist I'm lucky that I don't drop picks too often but it's always handy to have a pick holder handy as a bit of a safety net but the Pick Puck not only gives me that security but it does a lot more as I tend to change my picks depending on the song whether I want a thinner one for more "strummy" tunes or thicker for more "picky" tunes and the Pick Puck makes them all there to hand which you can see from the pictures! Top notch!

OctaveTouch | High Tension (7-piece kit)

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a reliable capo for my 12-string acoustic guitar. Chris recommended that I use the Octave Touch / High Tension kit. I have fitted the 15" insert for my Alvarez 12-string. It is a match made in heaven. My guitar has a lovely low action and I have used the capo up to the 7th fret without any problem. No retuning required and the sound is just sooo tight. This guitar sings like a nightingale! Now to tackle the Beatles songbook!

Curly Hawaiian Koa

Love the look of the Curly Hawaiian Koa wood. The color goes very nicely with my Firefly Acoustic guitar.
This is my 5th Thalia capo. That should tell you how much I like them, and like how they work and look.
They are the best capo system I have ever come across. Once I got my first one. I was hooked. I now have a Thalia capo on 5 of my guitars. I have the Curly Hawaiian Koa, Indian Rosewood, Dragon Abalone, Blue Teal, and the Tennessee Whiskey Wing.

Why a Thalia capo? Because they are the best!

I've got a number of Thalia Capos now and having to get them shipped to the UK isn't cheap, but I do it because without question they're the best capos available and that fact that they also look great is a bonus. Practically as a guitarist what's most important is they work everytime, no need to "jiggle" them about, as long as you've fitted the right insert the sound is crystal clear straight away and you don't have to have right next to the fret. They might cost a little more, but quality costs and I won't use anything else. See also on my photo I have a pick puck which is also a neat little idea!

Comfortable and elegant strap

This is my third Italian leather strap fro Thalia an I could not be more pleased with the Tree of Life design

Curly Hawaiian Koa Capo just perfect

Straight out of the box this was the by far the most beautiful and best capo I have ever bought. I have 3 guitars and fear I may need one for each. Even though you can adapt the capo to different guitar necks, I think my guitars deserve a capo each when they are as amazing in looks and function as these capos.

Blue Abalone | Capo
Neville P.
Thalia Blue Abalone Capo

I have been searching the market in South Africa (and International) for a decent capo that will work on all my guitars and will not pinch the strings sharp and require constant re-tuning. I have over a dozen failed capos in my arsenal. I eventually stumbled onto the Thalia website and settled on the blue abalone capo for a trial. This capo has passed all the tests. The tone is great, it is quick and easy to apply, stays in place, does not require re-tuning.......and is beautiful to boot. It makes my guitar look like a million bucks and most of all it makes a mediocre guitarist like me sound great. I will now be getting more capos for all of my acoustic guitars. Well done Thalia, on a great innovation.

Awesome Strap

This is my third Italian leather strap from Thalia and I am truly pleased with all of them. Great fir and very comfortable, what are you waiting for? get yourself one today!

Beautiful work of art!

My custom Thalia capo is obvious in its superior craftsmanship. I wanted to complement my Buck Owens-themed guitar and ordered a custom named “Buck” on mother-of-pearl. You answered the call splendidly!

Mexican Greenheart capo

The capo is beautiful! Totally worth the money. And very easy to use . I have enjoyed it!!!!

Pearl Milky Way

I can’t believe that Thalia has a capo that fits nicely with my guitar’s inlay design themed “silent night”, the picture says it all, need I say more?

Add a personal touch

A great way to customize. I got the save the bees capos, thruss rod cover and old glory pick pick.

Whiskey never sounded so good!

Thalia makes the finest slides available. Super light, beautifully crafted and tone to die for. I could not be happier!

Thalia's Picks

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years. I would only use a standard Fender medium pick, refused to use anything else, until I tried Thalia's picks.
The warm and richness of the tone you get is unreal. Only makes sense you use a wooden pick on a wooden instrument. I am hooked!

Bees don't buzz on my new octave mandolin!

This is the fourth "Save the Bees" truss rod cover...the others were for my Guild guitars, but this one is on my Eastman Octave mandolin. It just so happens that the holes of the Taylor two hole cover fit my mando perfectly!

Luck of the Irish

Classy looking capo & works as perfectly as it looks.