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Adds a creative touch

Super easy to install, fits perfectly and gave my Taylor a much better look than the plain black stock truss rod cover.

Quilted Bubinga Pickguard

Perfect size and great look!

Great Ring

Bought one for me and a buddy, we starting playing guitar at the same time…
my wife likes mine so much, I wear as my wedding ring now..

Great Capo

I like that you can match the capo to your guitar and match the insert to the radius of your guitar. I also have an ebony/silver Thalia for my black carbon fiber Journey Overhead.

Oh so sweet

This pickguard supports a wonderful cause and looks gorgeous as well. Zero issues removing the old one and installing this. Thinking of giving my others a facelift as well. Ooooooooh the possibilities. :)

Perfect for my 12 string

I purchased the Red Wing for my 12 string. It works great and my guitar sounds wonderful. I have 2 other capos from Thalia. One I have the partial pad for specialized songs and the other I use for standard acoustics. They work great and look amazing. I get compliments every show I do. I always tell them to head over to Thalia for the prettiest and best capos made.

Subtle Precision and Aesthetics

Well Pleased with my Blue Abalone/Chrome capo.
I'm a returning (uk) customer, I have No hesitation in recommending my purchases.
i.e. Capos, Leather straps, picks and Ring.
All made with Precision,care and attention.
With regular sale offers, reasonable carriage and Great Customer service
it’s a pleasure to deal with
Thanks to All at Thalia for your continuing high Standards.

Truss Rod cover for Taylor guitar

It is beautiful to look at while playing!! Will add this to things to get when i purchase a new guitar!

Fits perfect - looks great!

I’ve always been happy with my shubb capo, but bought this one from Thalia after enjoying the quality of the custom truss rod cover. Result - love it. The capo not only looks fantastic, but works incredibly well. I’ve a few different guitars with different neck shapes and sizes, so being able to fit the precise neck is a huge bonus for better fit and safer treatment of my guitar. Bonus was getting my military call sign engraved. Highly recommended.

Best Capo

the best Thalia on my Maton TE... just beautiful and perfect, well built and well finished. Thank you

Good wood!

Nice, comfortable , responsive picks. They're all I use now.

She's the one

I never thought I'd be one of those people who'd have to search high and low for the perfect capo. I bought 2 other well known brands/styles before buying this one, and I think she's the one. This capo is beautifully designed and looks even better in person. The Santos Rosewood inlay is elegant and subtle and matches my acoustic guitar beautifully. Even though this was a B-Stock but you really can't tell, other than some small scratches. The black chrome finish looks amazing. However, the metal finish is not scratch-resistant, as it's picked up more scuffs after a couple of months of use. But it sounds good and looks amazing! Definitely a fan.

Great Even For My Home Built Acoustic!

Purchased this pick guard for an acoustic “body build” kit from Stumack. It looks great and dresses it up nice!

Excellent Slide That's Worth the Money

I'm a beginner when it comes to slide playing, but after trying a few cheaper metal slides I really appreciate how good this magnesium slide is. It's super lightweight and comfortable. The inner ridges keep it on your finger. The sound is not quite as bright as a chrome steel slide and not as mellow as glass. It's right in between and will be a go-to for many years to come. And it's nice to look at too. Definitely worth the money.

Blue Irish Beauty

Love the easy use of the capo and the tone compared to other capos is amazing, you would not know it a B stock the Celtic etching is beautiful as is the abalone

Best Capo

The best and beauty Capo ever tried... now on my Maton TE.
Also awesome the Bubinga and Rosewood picks. Sound different but sound good... rosewood is shine and bubinga is very creamy and dark.
Thank you Thalia

Beautifully Made

This is one classy Capo, and although a B-STOCK item, it was difficult to find any flaw in this product. Extremely happy.

Perfect fit & looks great

The Taylor Academy 12 doesn’t come with a pickguard, which in itself is fine. However, I imagine I’ll keep this guitar for quite sometime, so having a pickguard would be helpful to protect the finish over the long haul. The fit is perfect. And, just as importantly, I actually like the looks with the Bubinga pickguard better!

Didn’t think I could like my guitar any more than I do!

What a beautiful truss rod cover! The attention to detail on the mermaid is meticulous. It makes my Taylor gs mini e-koa plus look even more spectacular than it already does, especially with its similarly colored white and brown strap with white hibiscus flowers. The package also arrived from CA to NJ in just a few short days using regular mail delivery. Thank you Thalia!

Expression Rings

Installation was super easy and they catch everyone’s eye.

Kaleidoscopic pick puck mini

Just received it today as always great quality product and so pretty too. 😍

Pearl Dove Truss Rod Cover Looks Like Factory Original

I purchased the Thalia pearl dove truss rod cover for my new PRS parlor acoustic guitar. It fit perfectly and looks like it was original from the factory. The pearl dove looks like a natural extension of the pearl inlay PRS bird fret markings.

The Best Customer Service

My original order for the pick pucks and the shamrock flask was somehow lost during shipping, however, I was lucky enough to have had your kind and professional support manager, Gareth Ewing, to help me with the lost order. In short, I received a replacement order in a timely fashion and I was extremely pleased with Gareth Ewinings' consideration and his the time he spent working on my order. The pick pucks are just awesome and the shamrock flask is beautiful. Its always a pleasure dealing with Thalia.
Pete Schultz

Capo kit service

I lost the rubber support part of Talia Capo, but when I sent you an e-mail, I was very impressed that you sent the capo kit to Korea, where it is overseas, for free. We will continue to promote Talia Capo. Thank you. Very good.

Triquetra Engraving | Italian Leather Strap
Robert B.
Beautiful Strap for Beautiful Guitar

I am quite pleased with the look and feel (and smell) of my Thalia Triquetra Engraved Italian Leather strap. The Koa engraving matches nicely with my Koa wood guitar. I am impressed by the quality and excellent feel of the strap and hope to use it for many many years.