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Single Fretpad
Martin O, Streetsville
Thalia Capo experience

I have owned for 40+ years a Martin D28 sn 242522 and Gibson 1959 LES PAUL SPECIAL sn 927422 Guitars
Had some issues with a number of Capos when sliding up the neck and string buzzing
Purchased the Thalia Capo and problems solved.
BLUE ABALONE CAPO is a Beautiful design
With the included High Tension (2mm Taller) fretpad for the slim necks it works perfectly.
Plus: Thalia has fretpads that cover 116 guitar makes/styles (I counted!)
Thanks THALIA.
MartinO, Streetsville, CANADA

Best capo ever. Period.

In 30 years, I have never used a capo that is better. Great adjustability, excellent tension and feel. Fantastic look. Worth the wait!

Sweet Capo…Limited Peacock.

Purchased a limited edition Peacock capo a couple of months back. I have taken it through the paces and it works great. Love it.

My custom capo

Really happy with the quality and workmanship on my recently purchased Thalia capo. It has my Initials inlaid and the gold finish matches my Hardware and my own custom fingerboard inlays and EVO Gold fretwire on my 70's Epiphon restoration. Will send Thalia some good pics when I get it complete.

Beautiful product

When i ordered a truss rod cover for my sj200 I wasn’t completely convinced. When it arrived however, I was blown away. The quality is unbelievable and It suits the look of the guitar perfectly. Very impressive.

Nice Cloth

I was a little surprised at how soft and smooth my new polishing cloth is,, very impressed and very satisfied

Teflon pads and perfect radius!

I got a set of Thalia Teflon pads. They sound very lively... and my capo always matches my fretboard radius! These do wonders for acoustic or electric guitars!

A quality upgrade for two of my Taylors

The Taylor truss rod covers, especially for the 12 fret, are dull. The two I have installed are good matches for these two guitars, an academy 12 eN and a
612 ce 12 fret.

Gibson Hummingbird Inlay | Italian Leather Strap
Kenneth S. St. Petersburg, Florida
Gibson Hummingbird Guitar meets...

It’s new love❤️‼️ The Italian Brown leather with the Gibson Hummingbird Sunburst insert.
It’s truly great work with the artwork and fine leather. Thank you Chris, Thalia & Team!!!

Old Glory Engraving/Italian Leather Strap

I bought Thalia’s Italian Leather Strap because I was looking to replace a
leather strap that is bulky making it uncomfortable & the backside of the strap
has a smooth surface that causes the strap to slip off my shoulder. Thalia’s
leather is very supple & thus it drapes nicely over my shoulder. The underside
of the strap is made of material that keeps the strap from slipping off the shoulder & it is supple as well. I will be purchasing another strap to dedicate to
my Brent Mason Telecaster that has a B-Bender. The bender has hardware that
is difficult to remove from the strap & the bender is activated by pushing down
on the neck while playing. A slick leather strap makes activation difficult because of the slippage. This strap is by far the best made & most comfortable strap that I have.

Classic Taylor Inlay Truss Rod Cover

My Taylor 414 CEL7 was a little bland, so I gave it a little make-over. Black tuners, abalone dots on the bridge pins and the truss rod cover was the cherry-on-top and now it is beautiful.

Fast shipping, great customer service, and solid product!

I love my new cover on my Taylor GS Mini Koa. I’ll definitely be back for more parts from Thalia.

Indian Rosewood | Capo
Guillaume Boudrias
Great Capo

Bought it specially for my Gibson Songwriter. It looks amazing on it. It is also easy to move over the fretboard with only takes 1 hand. The different pass is also a good idea, even if it is a little bit confusion to find the right one for your guitar. Once it is done, it works just great!

Best Picks I’ve used in Years

I’m using the .9 pick, it feels nice in your hand, and the tone is a nice soft tone. The 1.4's were a bit to hard on the notes.

Very cool designs and nice sound

I like the Celtic designs because my grandpa is Irish, and it goes well with some of the music I play. Very good quality and definitely a conversation starter.

Looks Great!

Very pleased with my new TR cover. Looks very sharp.

To infinity and beyond!

This beautiful piece of craftsmanship puts my SG right over the edge. Well done as always, Thalia!

Peacock feathers — Oh my!

Purchased this beautiful Thalia Peacock feather capo but I forgot to take it off last night. This morning I had Peacock feathers growing out of my Stratocaster’s headstock! Oh my!!

Awesome custom piece!!!

I ordered a custom cover for my J-45 Studio and it is an incredible addition to my guitar. I wasn’t sure what to expect upon ordering this, I had wanted one for quite some time and they ran a 50% off deal so I jumped all over it. It looks awesome and fits perfectly. You can tell it’s a quality piece when you hold it in your hands. I love mine!!! My name is Mike Austin and my tag is Mycosten and this fits perfectly. Thanks Thalia!!!

Didn't work out

Now, don't misunderstand. This capo was bought as a gift. The second I opened the package, I knew I'd need to do some more shopping. So now my friend will be getting a blue abalone capo, and I'm keeping the Milky Way.

Stars & Stripes | Deluxe Capo
Kurt Rindlisbacher
The Stars & Stripes Capo _ A jewel for my Les Paul

The Stars & Stripes Capo looks very nice on my Les Paul. I love it !

Custom Truss Rod Cover for Guild Bluesbird

This truss rod cover exceeds my expectations! Awesome Bling for one of my favorite guitars. The photos speak for themselves! Thanks Team Thalia!

Hawaiian Koa | Tungsten Ring 4mm is a keeper!

The ring came packaged in the gift box and replaced my husband’s original wedding band which continues to have tiny pieces come out of the dinosaur bone. He loves it and re-used the box to put his first ring in for keeps. It matches his many guitars and feels light and comfortable on his hand while playing. Definitely recommend!

Most gorgeous strap I have ever owned

Firstly, yes, this strap is very high quality leather that is extremely soft and yet feels like it will hold up for years, but now that that is out of the way, wow, look at that inlay! It is hard for pictures to do it justice. The natural figuring in the ebony, the intricate carving connecting the moon phases, and the individual pearl/ebony moon inlays are all intricate and attention-getting. The option for a wider slot to accommodate an output jack end pin is much appreciated. I have ordered the capo that matches this strap and I can't wait to get it!

Beautiful strap with an eye-popping inlay

This strap is amazing! The detail in the honeycomb and bee inlay is intricate and really grabs the eye as light catches it from different angles. The leather is very high quality and I love that the option exists for a wider endpin slot for those of us who have output jacks on the endpins of our axes. This strap is the perfect complement to my Andrew White Eos. I can't recommend Thalia products enough! I also have other straps and capos by Thalia and everything is top notch.